This Luxury Heated Toilet Seat Has a Customizable, Self-cleaning Bidet

My first experience with a high-tech, electronic toilet seat was as a 7th grade boy visiting Japan as a goodwill ambassador to my town’s sister city, Mushishino. And though I had been warned beforehand that toilets in Japan might seem a “little different,” nothing prepared me for the simultaneous joy and terror I felt when discovering that my hotel room’s toilet had a remote control with more buttons than my TV back home. 

After learning the art of the electronic bidet in Japan, I vowed someday, when I had my own home, to bring that luxury into my own adult life. Fast forward nearly 15 years and there are plenty of bidet systems on the market in the states, but one, in my home, is superior. 

Meet Omigo, a company “here to send toilet paper back to the 17th century and usher in a new era of cleanliness in the United States.” Omigo makes a few different bidet products, including bidet attachments for your current toilet seat and those high tech toilet seats I first experienced in Japan. 

For me, the namesake product, the top-of-the-line Omigo toilet seat, was the obvious choice, and honestly my life has changed for the better. The Omigo seat comes in two different shapes, elongated or round, to fit the toilet you have in your home, and is easy to self-install, meaning you don’t need a plumber to get in on the bidet action. 

Omigo toilet seat

The Omigo has a lot of bells and whistles, but in my experience the most obviously great features are, unshockingly, my favorite. First, the seat is heated, with three different temperature settings, which was nice all summer but I know will be incredible sliding into the colder months. The seat also has an LED light which is handy for middle-of-the-night trips to the loo.

But at the core, the best part of the Omigo is that it does its job, cleaning your downstairs areas, very well. The seat has front and back cleaning options that can spray at a user-selected pressure and width to accommodate many different body types and personal preferences. The nozzle can move forward and backwards to clean in the right places, and has “on-demand active oscillation for perfect coverage and a deeper clean.” And once the water is done, a rinsing fan turns on and dries everything out. 

Even better, all of this is controlled from a handy remote control that can be attached to the wall, meaning my boyfriend and I never lose it. The remote can also be programmed to remember two different users’ settings, or simply press “Let’s Go” for an automated experience that gets the job done (my personal favorite way to use the Omigo).

Omigo remote control

In addition to keeping your bottom clean, the Omigo also works hard to keep itself clean. The seat has a carbon filter deodorizer that eliminates odors in the room while self-cleaning with touch-free technology like on-demand silver ion sterilization and automatic self-cleaning nozzles. And now, when keeping clean is more important than ever, it’s nice having one less thing to keep up with. 

But if you’re not convinced, one last reason to consider is that having a bidet is good for the environment. According to Omigo, every American, on average, uses 100 rolls of toilet paper a year, which collectively adds up to about 15 million trees and 437 billion gallons of water used to produce it all. Switching to a bidet like Omigo means less toilet paper usage, less waste, and more money in your pocket.

It also just makes your bathroom feel luxe, like hotel-worthy levels of luxury. Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time on the toilet, and you deserve to make that time well spent.

To buy:, $649

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