The World’s Best Bar Just Released Cocktails in a Can so You Can Enjoy Its Drinks From Anywhere

Americano 2.0 canned cocktail

If 2020 was good for anything, it brought us more canned booze. Everywhere we looked there was a new spiked seltzer, hard kombucha, wine spritzer, and even spiked cold brew. But for cocktail enthusiasts, there weren’t many great options out there. 

Now Dante NYC, which earned the accolade of World's Best Bar last year, is leveling up the ready-to-drink adult beverage game. Known for expertly crafted libations in its Greenwich Village and Soho locations, Dante has launched its own line of canned cocktails in partnership with F!VE DRINKS CO. They ship nationwide starting today and you can find them in select liquor stores in New York as well. 

That means you can now enjoy cocktails from the No. 1 best bar in the entire world — from anywhere you are. Made from real spirits and high-quality all-natural ingredients, they’re the perfect drink to bring along to your next park gathering, beach day, fall picnic, or just to the couch for a 5 o’clock unwind sesh. 

Summer Spritz canner cocktail from Dante NYC

The first line of cocktails is an ode to the end of summer: a refreshing Summer Spritz made with gin, elderflower cordial, and cucumber to hang onto those last warm afternoons; an Americano 2.0 with amaro and vermouth for those nights when the chill starts to set in; and a twist on the classic Gin & Tonic with notes of lemongrass and rose for any time you want a great tasting cocktail without having to mix it up yourself. Sip them straight from the can or pour into a glass with ice and a citrus garnish to transport you right to the sidewalks of New York City.

Plus, when you order these cocktails, you can be sure you’re supporting one of the city's most beloved local businesses (and a T+L editor favorite bar as well). When the pandemic brought the restaurant and bar industry to a halt, Dante had to close its doors along with everyone else. But Linden Pride and wife Nathalie Hudson, owners of Dante and the team responsible for its revival and recent success, were determined not to abandon their staff and leave them without work or health insurance. They decided to stay open for delivery and takeout (slapping "One for the road" stickers on the to-go drinks) and have kept their business alive — all the while connecting with the local community perhaps more than ever before.

“The loss of customers through our doors showed us how we needed to ensure our brand connected with our community in new ways. We provided over 5,000 hospital meals to local doctors and nurses, offered free meals to out-of-work hospitality staff, and developed a range of bottled cocktails, ready for pick up and delivery,” Pride told Travel + Leisure.

Gin & Tonic canned cocktail from Dante NYC

As for why they decided to delve into canned cocktails, and why now, Pride said he saw a demand for craft-quality cocktails in a space that was sorely missing them: “The consumer thirst for canned cocktails has been growing, but we haven’t seen a product that delivers the quality and exceptional taste we were accustomed to when drinking our cocktails at Dante. We have high standards for ourselves and our drinks — and [we wanted] to create something special and unique.”

If these canned cocktails are good enough for the owner of the best bar in the world, they’re certainly good enough for me. 

And for Dante fans who are already familiar with their inventive takes on negronis and martinis, Pride says to “Watch this space!” for future canned cocktail lines in the works. 

The first collection is available for purchase ($13.99 for a 4-pack — a pretty great deal if you ask us) on and at select liquor stores in New York (search to find a store near you). 

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