London Coffee Shop Serves Premium Brew in a Crystal Wine Glass for $64

Barista making luxury coffee drink in a crystal glass

People regularly spend upwards of $10 on coffee drinks filled with flavored syrups, extra toppings, and milk alternatives. But a cup of black coffee for $64? That’s an experience reserved for the truest of coffee connoisseurs who can find their way to London.

For that higher-than-usual price tag, the Queens of Mayfair coffee shop will treat patrons to an elaborate experience. The Ethiopian Cup of Excellence Queens Coffee will be ground and brewed “tableside” by guests’ own personal barista and served in a crystal wine glass, CNN reports.

Interior coffee bar of Queens Mayfair in London

Located in an upscale district of Central London, Queens of Mayfair has already sold about half of the 15 servings they have to offer, according to CNN. Adding to the exclusivity is the fact that this coffee can only be enjoyed while at the shop — no takeaway cups allowed.

According to the outlet, the coffee has a floral aroma, with a "delicate and light" flavor.

The exterior view of Queens Mayfair coffee shop in London

And coffee lovers from far and wide are making the pilgrimage to sip on this beverage. Victoria Sheppard, who founded Queens of Mayfair with her sister, Grace Sheppard, told CNN that one customer is traveling from several hours away to sample the drink.

"We have coffee connoisseurs coming to us from all over the place," she told the outlet, describing their latest acquisition as a "very rare commodity."

This particular cup of coffee has garnered so much fanfare because the Ethiopian beans used to make it recently won first place in the Cup of Excellence, an annual competition for high-quality coffees.

It received a grade of 91.08 out of 95 by the competition's international panel of judges, and only eight roasters worldwide were invited to bid on these coveted beans. Among this list was Difference Coffee — the chosen supplier for Queens of Mayfair. restaurants This drink is just one of many rare premium coffees that the sisters plan to offer at Queens of Mayfair, which opened its doors in August.

Food at Queens Mayfair

Beyond this premium coffee experience, the shop also offers more reasonably priced (by London standards) espressos, pastries, and more. In the evening, Queens of Mayfair also serves wine and cocktails.

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