Airbnb billionaire CEO names his favourite house to stay at in Australia

It looks like the kind of house that could topple in a strong wind – given that the four walls of the dwelling are supported by a single cement pole.

But the incredible landscape that surrounds the ‘Pole House’ in Fairhaven, Victoria, is what landed this architecturally designed holiday home at the top of Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky’s Australian stay list.

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The views at the Pole House can’t be beaten.Source:Supplied

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Spanning 64sq m and hosting a maximum of two guests, this one-bedroom, one-bathroom house sits along the famous Great Ocean Road.

Guests often say it feels like you’re “hovering above the ocean” while at the home, and with the fireplace installed, a stay in winter is just as beautiful as summer.

Speaking to, Mr Chesky about his stay at the property in 2015, he said the location and the fact it felt like a treehouse made the residence one of his favourite Airbnb experiences around the world.

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Could think of worse places to be.Source:Supplied

The Pole House at Fairhaven is perfect for year-round stays.Source:Supplied

“We stayed in the Pole House which is on the side of a cliff, and it was suspended by a big steel pole, it was like this treehouse and just so modern,” he said.

“It was a very modern design and was certainly one of the most extraordinary and the most unique places.”

Given the accommodation platform has 177,000 houses, that’s saying something.

The location of the Pole House – which is no longer listed with Airbnb – was chosen because of the insane views.

Pole House Fairhaven has incredible 180-degree views.Source:Supplied

The location and views are truly spectacular, with each window looking over 6km of white sand and surf beaches. With 360-degree views – which take in the beach, Great Ocean Road and bushland – the property is within a 90-minute drive of Melbourne.

However, if you’re after a place for a few more guests than just two people, a house a few doors down the road is probably a better option.

Dubbed the Fairhaven Beach Retreat, the Airbnb house has almost all 5-star reviews.

Described as “mesmerising” and a stone’s throw from Mr Chesky’s top pick, the house has five bedrooms, two bathrooms and the ability to host 10 adults.

The perfect position for THAT view.Source:Supplied

One bedroom inside the Fairhaven Beach Resort.Source:Supplied

Mr Chesky previously told that the way we travel will never go back to being the same.

The 39-year-old billionaire said the world of travel was seeing “three fundamental shifts in travel as people become less tethered and more flexible”.

“People have realised they don’t need to all live in a city and be so closely tethered,” he explained.

“They can live, work and travel more places … and this is creating big trends because people can travel any time now and much more than they used to.”

Mr Chesky said the way the world knew travel is over.Source:Supplied

Brian Chesky is the CEO and co-founder of Airbnb.Source:Supplied

But Mr Chesky said that since the pandemic began, his business has pivoted from international to more domestic dominated.

It’s a trend he believes even by 2022 – when Australians will likely be able to travel abroad once again – will never be like what we experienced in a pre-pandemic world.

“In a world of more flexibility, we are never ever going back to the world of 2019,” he said. “The world is never going back to 2019. And if the world is never going back to 2019, it means the world of travel is not going back to 2019.

“We are in a whole new world and we are never going back. Travel and living will continue to blur together and people will increasingly have fewer one-year leases.

“Fewer people will think travel is something you do one or two nights, and you will see longer and longer term stays by living nomadically and less tethered.”

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