My favorite spas in Hawaii: Travel Weekly

Christine Hitt

I’ve been to many spas in Hawaii, and while I’m somewhat biased, I haven’t found any elsewhere yet that I’ve liked better. These spas inside Hawaii’s resorts are their own little relaxing mini-retreats. If it’s a good one, I find myself staying for hours on end. 

Everyone judges a spa differently, and I judge my favorites based on amenities. I recently visited a spa at a luxury resort in Phoenix only to be disappointed that its biggest amenity was a hot tub in an outdoor garden in 104-degree weather. Yes, the massages and treatments must be worthwhile and well done, but when I visit a spa, I’m looking for a calming oasis with more reasons to stay and decompress a bit longer.

Mohalu at the Grand Wailea Maui's Spa Grande features private treatment rooms.

The Spa Grande’s hydrotherapy room at the Grand Wailea Maui is a perfect example. Aromatherapy tubs, waterfalls, pools, hot tub and sauna were the highlights of this spa and allowed time to relax while waiting for your appointment. The hydrotherapy room is currently undergoing a renovation and will reopen next year, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they have in store. In the meantime, the resort is offering a spa experience, Mohalu, in private treatment rooms.

Staying at the Hana-Maui Resort is already a luxurious getaway to Hana, a special place where time slows down. As you can imagine, its spa is amplified by its surroundings, and the offerings here are unique and make you feel spoiled. I booked the 120-minute Aloha Kai Spirulina treatment last time I was there. I was wrapped up into a cocoon of spirulina, and following that, given an aromatherapy massage. A eucalyptus steam room, cold plunge pool and jetted tub are also available. I particularly liked the outdoor showers.

If there’s one spa where consider myself a regular, it would be Aulani’sLaniwai Spa on Oahu. Its outdoor therapy garden, Kula Wai, is worth arriving an hour or two earlier than your appointment time. Baths, pools, a reflexology path and cold plunge pool are fun to explore, but I prefer frequenting the six rainfall-style showers and the hot tub. You can also order food. It’s an ideal retreat with friends or just to spend time by yourself. 

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