La Paz Beaches in Mexico's Baja California Sur Reopen

The capital city of Baja California Sur, La Paz, is now reopening its beaches and boardwalks as part of a phased reopening strategy that requires social distancing and masks.

Regulations include 30 percent of the beaches’ capacities to minimize contact. In two weeks time, this capacity could rise to be 40 percent, should conditions improve. The beaches’ entrances are supervised to check for masks and to limit the amount of people who use the beach daily.

“It is with great pleasure that we advance to the next phase in our opening process,” said Fatima Aviles, General Director of the La Paz Tourism Board.

“We have taken the health and wellness of our citizens and visitors very seriously and have implemented all recommended precautions to ensure safety. Our guests and community have been supportive of all efforts and continue to engage in the process. As we move forward today, we invite visitors to safely return to La Paz, enjoy our pristine nature and wide-open spaces and enjoy the respite we all truly need right now.”

The beaches that have reopened include Caimancito, La Concha, Coromuel, Balandra, El Tecolote, Pichilingue, El Comitán, La Ventana, Sargento, Los Barriles and Cerritos.

Beaches in Mexico’s popular Quintana Roo destinations have also begun to reopen.

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