Bill and Chelsea Clinton Working to Help Caribbean Destinations

Former United States President Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea will participate in a virtual conference to drive action on resilience efforts in the Caribbean.

The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Action Network will continue to address the urgent need to foster economic recovery and growth in the Caribbean while also grappling with the effects of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Add in the continued threat of the 2020 hurricane season, and leaders from government, civil society and business continue to prepare Caribbean communities for compounding and potentially devastating impacts.

Despite the threats, efforts in the Caribbean to transform the region into a climate-resilient zone have been mobilized and many new solutions are needed to tackle the complex challenges that have arisen due to the global health crisis.

The discussions are a part of an ongoing series of virtual events hosted by the Clinton Foundation this fall that will inspire action through the Too Small to Fail (TSTF) early childhood initiative, Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) and other events focused on domestic economic recovery in light of the global pandemic.

The CGI Action Network virtual week of action includes:

—Monday, September 21: Building Back Greener: Promoting an Inclusive and Sustainable Caribbean Recovery

—Tuesday, September 22: The Future is Now: Inspiration from Youth-Led Activism in the Caribbean

—Wednesday, September 23: Opportunities for Investment in Renewable Energy

—Thursday, September 24: COVID-19 in the Caribbean: Public Health Challenges and Innovations

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