Travelsavers reports explosive growth in luxury travel

The premium and luxury segments of travel are booming, according to Travelsavers.

Luxury revenue is pacing 32% higher than 2022, according to the travel agency network. Expedition cruising is up 78%. Antarctica bookings have risen 84% year over year.

Fun-and-sun sales are also up with double-digit increases on top of already strong 2022 growth, according to Travelsavers. FIT sales are up, too, particularly to Africa (projected to increase more than 90%) and Europe.

Travelsavers also found that stays are lengthening, which it attributed to clients combining remote work and travel.
Due to the demand, Travelsavers has added new preferred partners, doubled the number of direct-mail pieces sent and focused on lead generation through digital channels. 

“Travel bookings are up dramatically across the board from last year,” Travelsavers chief sales officer Kathryn Mazza-Burney said in a release. “People are spending on experiences instead of things, and travel is at the top of the list.”
Travelsavers shared the updated numbers during its Owners’ Retreat conference in Montreal in late April.

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