This Socially Distant Luxury Cruise Around Ecuador Only Allows 18 People and Travels to Remote Ports

Kontiki's Ecuador Luxury Cruise Ship

While cruise lines in the U.S. are staying docked during the coronavirus pandemic until at least November, many travelers may be wary of hopping on a ship even after business resumes.

However, there is a way to set sail while also staying conscious of your wellbeing.

Luxury travel company Kontiki Expeditions is launching small-yacht voyages to Ecuador this fall and winter. These smaller “cruises” sound like the perfect way to socially distance while still enjoying a luxurious vacation.

Kontiki's Ecuador Luxury Cruise Ship

The first two, eight-day itineraries from Kontiki focus on conscious travel, sustainability, and immersive experiences. Both the Toquilla Expedition and the Spondylus Expedition will travel along the Ecuadorian coast to lesser-known ports, where guests aboard the vessel can enjoy the country’s diverse population of birds like blue-footed boobies, land and sea animals like sea lions and howler monkeys, incredible plant life, indigenous foods, and cultural traditions.

“We are pioneers in offering luxury sea expeditions along seldom-traveled routes,” commented Carlos Nuñez, Founder and CEO of Kontiki Expeditions in a statement. “Our new expeditions reveal the beauty and authenticity of coastal Ecuador, passing through small, uncrowded towns and historical sites, forests and wetlands, pristine beaches, and protected ecological reserves.”

The ships are controlled by a small crew of 10 people plus two local experts, all trained to comply with new health and safety guidelines. The crew also includes wellness professionals, naturalist guides, and a local chef who will create menus filled with treats using local chocolate, seafood, and produce. The yachts themselves are 128-feet long and have nine staterooms (for up to 18 guests), a sundeck, a gourmet salon, two outdoor lounges, bar, Jacuzzi, and a gym and fitness area. Visitors can enjoy all kinds of activities on the ship and on land, including hiking, snorkeling, cultural explorations, wellness activities, and gastronomy lessons that are unique to Ecuador.

Kontiki's Ecuador Luxury Cruise Ship
Kontiki's Ecuador Luxury Cruise Ship

The first cruise sets sail in December. Pricing begins at $7,245 per person per week, based on double occupancy, and includes all activities, meals, transfers to and from ports, park entrances, guided expeditions, and more.

For more information or to make a booking, visit the Kontiki Expeditions website.

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