Princess introduces sensory experience for suite guests only: Travel Weekly

A new, invitation-only experience from Princess Cruises will transport guests to the Mediterranean, engaging them with the tastes, sights, sounds, touches and fragrances of the region. 

“360: An Extraordinary Experience” is available exclusively for guests booked in suite accommodations on the Discovery Princess and, starting in late January, the Enchanted Princess.

With two seatings nightly, the venue accommodates 20 guests surrounded by LED walls in a circular format that places guests into featured destinations using 4K cinematography. The experience lasts 90 minutes.

The film is paired with a seven-course dinner, including wines that emerge from the story of each destination. 

Actress and model Brooke Shields narrates the film, which showcases the hilltops of Santorini, the Amalfi Coast, Barcelona and Provence. 

Princess Cruises president John Padgett called the experience “a fusion of master storytelling, world-class cuisine, visual entertainment and ground-breaking technology.”

Princess said “360: An Extraordinary Experience” is configurable and adaptable, hinting that other destinations will be featured in the future.

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