Plus-size tourists praise cruises after being mistreated on flights

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Several plus-size travellers have said that cruise ships cater better for their needs than flights. One said cruise holidays had “changed her life”.

Brittany Bloomfield said she hadn’t flown since the age of seven as she feared how airline staff would treat her as a plus-size woman.

The worried traveller had driven the 20 hours to Florida from New Jersey to accompany a newly divorced friend on a cruise holiday.

She said that she was pleasantly surprised to find the cruise offered seats with no armrests and a spacious cabin.

She told USA Today: “I wanted to see all these tropical places and I just felt like getting on a plane and crossing the ocean on these long plane rides was never something I was going to be able to do. I felt like it changed my life.”

“I felt like it changed my life.”

Another plus-size traveller said that he found cruise ships the best way to travel and had no need to buy an extra seat.

The man said he found that other passengers looked at him “funny” when he boarded a plane for a holiday.

Another traveller said that although the cabin could be small, she never felt that cramped onboard a cruise ship.

Some plus-size travellers have claimed that they are mistreated onboard flights due to their size.

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Plus-size passengers are able to purchase two seats on some flights although this can be expensive.

There have also been cases where passengers have been mistakenly allocated two seats that aren’t next to each other.

Many airlines have decreased the size of their seats in recent years which can make travel more difficult for plus-size people.

Airlines are able to offer seatbelt extenders to passengers who need one. The device can make the seatbelt longer for a more comfortable flight.

Passengers may need to fly to join a cruise although British tourists will be able to join some departures from the UK.

Cruise ships will often offer seats without armrests in restaurants which can make seating more comfortable.

Cruise lines also have many crew onboard who are happy to help with any requests from passengers.

A plus-size blogger with 55,000 followers on TikTok recently said that hotel rooms can be too small for her.

Kirsty Leanne said that hotel bathrooms are often cramped and have limited shower space for plus-size travellers.

She added that although she loved staying in hostels, she found the top bunk a daunting option.

The blogger added that she was sometimes unable to use the tray table or bathroom on a flight.

In contrast, cruise ships have far more space for travellers to relax and allow passengers to visit many destinations.

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