Palladium Hotel Group Partners With SGS to Certify Hotel Safety

Palladium Hotel Group is committed to ensuring that its hotels and resorts are safe for vacationers. The company is partnering with SGS, a company that specializes in the certification and implementation of a new safety and welfare protocol.

With SGS, Palladium Hotel Group has created a protocol that will ensure the 48 establishments in the Americas and in Europe will be able to safely welcome travelers.

“During our 50 years of history, our highest priority has been people and we have always striven to preserve their well-being. For this reason, in these moments in which it is key to quickly adapt to the new reality that surrounds us and is necessary to generate trust, we have launched this new hygienic-sanitary protocol in collaboration with a leading company such as SGS with the aim of offering full health and safety guarantees for both our collaborators and clients so that they, in turn, can continue to enjoy a stay full of wonderful experiences” said Raul Benito, chief operating officer of the hotel group.

Alejandro Gonzalez, managing director of SGS Spain added: “given this triple crisis that we are facing: health, economic and trust, the role of SGS as an independent third party and our experience in the tourism sector allows us to offer a first-class service to guarantee that the highest health and hygiene standards are met to protect both guests and employees.”

Palladium has created new protocols and procedures that improve upon its safety, quality, hygiene and health practices. In collaboration with SGS, the company has created the Palladium Hotel Group Global Customer Experience and Safety Council, which will be chaired by Benito, and includes the chief operating officers, commercial directors, quality directors and food and beverage directors in all of the company brands.

Palladium will ensure the strict adherence to these new standards, adapting cleaning and disinfection strategies, implementing new hygiene initiatives and adhering to social distancing guidelines.

The hotel group has committed to equipping its hotels with the best technology—the company plans to have new disinfection systems, to encourage customers to check-in and check-out online and to promote the use of digital information via applications, hotel website and television.

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