Packing hack: How to keep clothes ‘dry’ on a cruise and what guests should leave at home

Couple recall being struck down with Norovirus on cruise

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Jeannine Williamson, the Pro-Cruiser, is a cruise expert. She shared her packing hacks with

It’s always tempting to overpack for a holiday but Jeannine said there are a few things Britons should leave at home.

She told “Don’t pack lots of books and magazines. At most, download them to a device.

“The busy daily programme of activities, shore excursions, entertainment and never-ending food and drink means there is hardly any time to read a newspaper, let alone War and Peace!”

While cruise holidays are relaxing, guests often won’t have a lot of downtime to settle down with a book.

From karaoke to spa treatments or world-class shows, cruise companies know how to keep their guests entertained.

Jeannine added: “If you have a fabric suitcase then line the bottom with reusable plastic bags and pop one or two on the top to cover your clothes when you have finished packing.

“This will keep your clothes dry if bags are left outside in the rain at the airport or before you board your ship.

“Once you’re abroad and unpacked they can double up as laundry bags for dirty clothes that you bring home and separate from other items.”

Jeannine added: “It’s very easy to over-pack and end up taking away far too much. Lay out all the clothes, shoes and accessories you plan to take before you go, rather than getting things straight out the wardrobe and putting them into a suitcase.

“Try to stick to two or three main colour schemes. Put them together as ‘whole’ outfits and take photos of them as a reminder.

“That way you can easily see which tops can be worn with different skirts and trousers and how outfits can be mixed and matched.”

Outfit planning might seem boring but it can save a lot of precious time for activities when guests are onboard.

It’s a great idea to check out the cruise dress code before packing. Some cruises will have formal nights where guests get dressed up.

Many cruise dining rooms have a smart casual dress code while most guests will want swimwear for the ship’s pool.

Comfortable clothing for excursions is essential and it’s a good idea to leave expensive jewellery at home.

Cruise holidaymakers can be targets for thieves or pickpockets at busy ports across Europe.

Jeannine said: “For a Mediterranean cruise take loose-fitting clothing that will be comfortable in hot climates.

“Natural fabrics such as cotton or moisture-wicking tops are best. Don’t forget wide-brimmed sun hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and insect repellent.”

It can be very windy on deck so guests should try to secure their sunhat with a ribbon or string to make sure they don’t lose it.

She said: “If you like writing postcards from different ports of call, get a sheet of peel-off address labels and before you go write the names and addresses of the people you’re going to send postcards to.

“This saves time writing them on the cars when you’re there, or remembering to take an address book with you.”

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