MSC Cruises Expands Current Itineraries, Extends Sailings

MSC Cruises announced MSC Magnifica would have an expanded itinerary when it sails again and scheduled voyages for MSC Grandiosa have been extended through the end of 2020.

When MSC Magnifica returns to sea on October 19, the ship will offer an even richer and longer itinerary with a series of seven cruises, including an eight-night Christmas cruise departing on December 18 from Genoa, Italy.

MSC Magnifica’s new program covers both the West and East Mediterranean and will see the ship homeport in Genoa. The ten-night itinerary is designed for guests who prefer longer voyages that offer more destinations and more time at sea.

Thanks to MSC Cruises’ new health and safety protocols, MSC Magnifica will follow in the footsteps of the successful return to service of MSC Grandiosa, which is now on its fourth consecutive seven-night cruise in the Western Mediterranean.

MSC Grandiosa’s current sailings have also been extended through the end of the year, including a Christmas cruise scheduled to depart Genoa, Italy, on December 20. The ship is offering seven-night cruises with embarkation in the Italian ports of Genoa, Civitavecchia, Naples and Palermo.

As for the cruise line’s option in the United States, officials from the company revealed operations would restart following approval by the CDC and other relevant authorities across the region to observe their requirements and guidelines.

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