Jane McDonald shares essential cruise ship tip on managing money – ‘don’t be fooled’

Cruises: Jane McDonald outlines steps to check in

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Jane McDonald is an expert on all things cruise. On Channel 5’s Cruising the USA with Jane McDonald, the singer turned presenter told viewers the first things to do at the start of a cruise to ensure a smooth sailing trip.

The presenter set sail from Detroit, and took viewers at home through the process of checking in.

The 20-year-old Victory Two cruise ship would be Jane’s new home for the next short while.

Jane described it as a hybrid between an ocean liner and a traditional river cruiser.

The ship boasted five decks and 101 cabins, for up to 200 passengers.

Embarking on a cruise may be daunting for first-timers, so Jane outlined four easy steps for getting started.

“Sea cruise, river cruise, lake cruise – whichever one you go for – it’s the same deal.”

The first step is to check in and collect your room key.

The cruise ship’s Wifi password will often be on this.

“Step two: go to the Purser’s office.”

The cruiser joked: “This is where you register your credit card so it’s not real money.”

Jane offered a harsh reality when it comes to cruising.

“Don’t be fooled, everything that you get is on your credit card, so don’t think it’s like Monopoly.

“It’s not – it comes out your bank account.”

She warned passengers to not get carried away from the offset.

“Step three: check what’s actually included in your package.

“And remember, even if your food and drinks are covered, you will probably have to pay for any extras like a posh bottle of wine – or three.”

Jane’s fourth step is to find your cabin and get settled.

She explained that her cabin contains “all the mod cons you would expect”, including air conditioning, satellite TV, and a fridge packed with fizzy drinks.

On this particular cruise, Jane took in the sights of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, sailing from Detroit to Cleveland.

She then crossed the Canadian border at Niagara – home to the stunning Niagara Falls – taking in Toronto, Kingston and Quebec.

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