Inside the world’s largest cruise ship – 19,000 tonnes of glass on 14 day trip

Royal Caribbean: Drone footage captures Wonder of the Seas

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An incredible 1,188 feet long with 18 decks, Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas is the world’s largest cruise ship. The whopping ship can carry almost 7,000 guests at once.

But how does a ship that large deal with its waste?

With over 6,500 passengers onboard and over 2,000 crew members, Wonder of the Seas has a huge job when it comes to taking care of its sewage.

Water is treated and sterilised onboard the huge ship and designated into a few different categories.

Sewage is known as ‘black water’ and Wonder of the Seas treats the water through a sophisticated filtration system.

Speaking to a team member claimed: “It’s drinkable by the time we finish. We don’t drink it but it would be safe.”

Of course, guests don’t need to worry. No one on board Wonder of the Seas will ever be drinking any treated sewage water and it won’t be recommended.

The ship can either discharge the clean water in a designated area at sea if it’s allowed or it’s carried onboard until reaching a port.

With 15 buzzing bars on board the ship, guests tend to get through a lot of bottles on a cruise holiday.

In fact, Pantelis Kolakis, environmental officer at Royal Caribbean, said the ship can get through 19 tonnes of glass on a 14 day cruise.

It’s Pantelis’ job to ensure all waste onboard is correctly sorted and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

A hardworking team sorts all the ship’s waste, incinerating any food contaminated items and making sure recycled items are clean.

Pantelis will also regularly test the ‘black water’ to make sure it is up to standard, saying: “That’s why we have me onboard.”

Crew are also part of a cashback incentive programme to encourage them to recycle as much as possible.

Below deck, visited the ship’s engine room, where a member of staff is always on duty overnight.

Wonder of the Seas cruising speed is 22 knots but a crew member said they had done 24 knots for a medical emergency before.

Back on deck at the Aqua Theatre, met some of Wonder of the Seas’ huge team of entertainers to put on its incredible array of shows.

Cruise director, Mike Szwajkowski, said the team interviewed a whopping 27,000 performers to find the best for its shows.

From Olympic athletes to world-champion slackliners, Royal Caribbean only wants the best of the best.

Szwajkowsk said that Wonder of the Seas’ divers will dive from 60ft platforms into a 14ft pool for the show.

There’s even plans to have piano players in the elevators to entertain guests as they travel to one of the ship’s restaurants.

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