How Travel Agents Can Learn to Sell Jamaica More Effectively

The Travel Agent Academy offers a host of certification programs for many different tourist destinations, but Jamaica is perhaps one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean.

While business is understandably slower for many this year, now is the perfect time for travel agents to spend some time learning about a new destination, or at the very least, learning something new about an already familiar one: Jamaica.

Throughout the Jamaica One Love Rewards Program, you’ll learn what makes Jamaica so alluring to a variety of different people. From learning about why Jamaica is known as one of The World Travel Awards’ “Leading Wedding Destinations” to learning about the island’s unique ecosystem, the course helps you, the travel agent, inform clients about the incredible opportunities on one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands.

Besides learning more about Jamaica and its tourist attractions, you’ll also become a Jamaica Travel Specialist and a Jamaica Weddings & Honeymoons Specialist, which will give you the tools you need to sell trips and weddings more effectively.

You’ll also earn points to spend in the One Love Online Store once you graduate as well as each time you sell Jamaica, and Jamaica Specialists traveling to the island receive 50 percent off at Club Mobay and Club Kingston.

The program also rewards the top-booked Specialist with a $300 cash prize each month. The ten highest booked agents of the year will be invited to the annual “One Love Affair” Awards Weekend, all expenses paid. Those going to school at The Travel Institute can earn three CEU credits towards the program by taking the course.

The Travel Agent Academy is free to join and so is the course. Once enrolled, you’ll be able to take as long as you like with any of the course materials, and you will receive two graduation diplomas upon completion to keep for your records.

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