From Inspiring Stories to Travel Tips and More: 50 T+L Articles to Celebrate Our 50th Anniversary

aerial view of blue waters and small island in the maldives

Over our 50 years, Travel + Leisure has been proud to bring you countless stories covering every corner of Earth — and beyond. Our writers, editors, photographers, and videographers are constantly on the move searching for the stories that connect us, no matter how far apart we may be physically. From travel news like hotel openings and new flight routes to first-person essays and photo journeys, it's always been our goal to inspire and guide our readers, offer a new perspective, and at times, to just simply get lost in the beauty of this planet that we share. 

It's not lost on us that our 50th anniversary comes in the middle of a global pandemic that has changed travel as we know it. This time has allowed us to take a step back and evaluate what it even means to travel in the first place, what responsibility travelers have, and what the future of travel will and should look like. It's also given all us time to lean into armchair travel, getting lost in the stories and images of somewhere else, anywhere else, while we've been cooped up at home. 

Now, as the world slowly opens up and we wait to see how, when, and where we can travel again, we've pulled together 50 stories to keep inspiring you. From a list of European-style cities you can road trip to in the United States to a reflection on one editor's trip fly fishing with her dad, a mom's reasoning to pulling her kids out of school to travel, and the story of the first Black woman to visit every country, this is just a taste of what we do, and will continue to do, over the next 50 years.

General Travel

From hotels changing hotels for the better to beautiful looks at what makes a city a city, these stories will help you remember the joy of going, offer practical tips, and help you feel like you're somewhere else for a moment.

Our own backyard

From a journey to as far as U.S. public transportation will take you to the secret home of Santa Clause, here's are stories to help you travel within the United States.

Beyond our borders

International travel may be a standstill in many places, these articles offer a temporary escape and planning tools to visit European cities, tropical islands, and once-in-a-lifetime destinations.

Better Together 

Travel + Leisure is committed to sharing the diverse and unique voices that make up all travelers. Here, a collection of stories from people that proving what it means to be a traveler in the first place.

Bonus: The list that has all 

If the articles above weren't enough wanderlust for you, here is our highly curated list of the very best places to travel. Traditionally a list highlighting locations around the world, this list has been adapted for the untraditional year we're living in with domestic destinations that should be on your radar.

The 50 Best Places to Travel in 2021

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