Cruise packing hack to protect luggage – ‘Reliable’

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Embarkation day on a cruise holiday is normally very busy. Luggage will normally be scanned and then delivered to cabins by cruise crew.

Although crew are usually very careful with passengers’ luggage, occasionally there can be accidents.

Ashley Kosciolek of the Points Guy UK, shared her top packing hacks with including what type of luggage to bring.

She said: “It took me years to realise that luggage is, or should be, an investment. After several broken bags, I now choose function over the cheapest deal or a fun pattern.”

Ashley recommends passengers opt for a hard case rather than a soft bag for a cruise holiday.

She said: “It’s sleek and reliable. The wheels roll like butter and cases can come with extra touches.”

Some hard cases come with a dust bag or even a scuff-removal sponge to keep luggage looking clean.

Ashley swears by her next essential item although it might seem a little unusual to some holidaymakers.

She said: “Bring duct tape. I know you’re thinking this sounds a little suspicious.

“But bear with me. Two years ago, I was travelling home for Thanksgiving and decided to gate-check my hard-sided carry on suitcase.

“When I picked it up at the end of the flight, it was cracked in two places and had a giant hole at the top.

“Thankfully, I had a roll of duct tape inside, so I patched it up for the duration of my trip.

“I also routinely use duct tape to attach paper luggage tags to my suitcases after I fly and before I board my cruise.”

It might seem unusual but duct tape could come to the rescue if passengers have any luggage-related accidents.

Ashley added: “Bring waterproof bags. In my experience, there are few things more frustrating than wet luggage, and I’ve ripped more than my fair share of bags trying to squeeze in one more lip gloss.

“That’s why I always bring a couple of extra plastic bags as replacements. They’re perfect for storing laundry or packing wet shoes, bottles of wine and other potentially wet items I don’t want ner my clothes on the trip home.”

If Britons have opted for a Caribbean cruise, there’s a high chance they’ll be hitting the beach while they’re away.

Waterproof bags will help keep wet swimming costumes away from dry clothes and protect any valuables.

Cruise passengers are advised to pack their valuables in hand luggage as they won’t have their main luggage on the first day.

Bags can be delivered to cabins in the late evening so passengers should keep anything they’ll need with them.

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