Cruise: Haunting cruise excursion set to transport guests deep below the ocean surface

Had it not been for the coronavirus pandemic, cruise holidays would have likely seen even more of an uptick in popularity this year as they have in recent years. This trend is likely thanks to the expanded offering from cruise providers, assuring there really is something for everyone – though it might not be as you expect.

A new trend is emerging for guests which allows them to explore the sometimes spooky remains of wrecked and abandoned ships.

One cruise line offering an up-close-and-personal experience is Scenic Eclipse, taking guests 300 metres below the ocean’s surface to explore long-forgotten vessels.

“People are fascinated by historic underwater sites,” Jason Flesher, expedition operations manager told

“Our guests are typically filled with curiosity as to what these will look like and how they will when visiting in person – but many are interested in the history of sunken and abandoned shipwrecks.”

Though boarding a cruise to look at ships long-gone might not be for everyone, is seems Scenic Eclipse’s haunting expeditions could be the perfect enhancement to a luxury holiday.

“These sites have typically been unreachable to the ordinary traveller – but when the opportunity comes to experience these in the comfort of a state-of-the-art submarine such as Scenic Neptune, combined with a six-star luxury cruise holiday, people jump at the opportunity to visit in order to share their unique travel experience with their friends and families when they return home,” Mr Flesher continued.

As part of its newest offering, Scenic Eclipse will be featuring a wreckage linked to an infamous tragedy.

“April next year will be the first time Scenic Eclipse, and Scenic Neptune, visits the stunning Greek island of Kea, also referred to as Tzia,” said Mr Flesher.

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“This will in-turn be the first time we will take guests on an underwater discovery expedition through the local waters exploring several shipwrecks, including Titanic’s sister ship, Britannic.

“We will actually be the first cruise ship to dock on the island itself so we’re extremely excited to be able to take our guests on this journey with us.”

Scenic Neptune, the Scenic Eclipse’s seven-person submarine will transport six guests and one pilot into the depths of the ocean to discover the Britannic.

Yet it’s not all sunken ships, as explorers will also cast their eyes on an array of fascinating marine life and vibrant coral reefs.

It was a concept borne from Scenic Eclipse’s Expedition Operations team.

“They spend their days searching for unique, discovery activities that we can offer to our guests,” Flesher continued.

“The aim of our team is to provide these experiences for our guests in a safe manner and in ultimate comfort.

“We work closely with our Journey Planners who are experts in their chosen destinations and we work together to hand-craft itineraries that perfectly blend luxury with discovery. “

Though it may seem like a wildcard compared to your standard cruise excursion, this was largely the aim of the Scenic Eclipse team.

“Commercial submarine diving had never been done before in the Polar regions and Scenic wanted to offer a unique, cutting-edge experience for our guests,” explained Mr Flesher.

“With a small ship, we’re able to reach off-the-radar destinations that have been out of touch for the ordinary traveller.

“With our luxurious, small yacht we’re able to take our guests to these hard to reach places and offer them an experience like no other, no matter where we are in the world – living up to our name of the World’s First Discovery Yacht.”

It is this one-of-a-kind element that Scenic think will make underwater discovery such a draw.

“Everyone wants a story they can take home and share with their friends and family,” said the Scenic manager.

“The excitement of being one of the first, or one of very few people in the world, to have experienced a particular destination or activity is part of the draw for unique cruise experiences.

“At Scenic, we pride ourselves on offering exclusive, enriching experiences for guests on all of our itineraries – our submarine dives are just one of these unique activities among many.”

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