Cruise guests share the best and worst type of ship to book – ‘nightmare’ of ‘wasted space

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It can be a challenge for new cruisers to know what type of holiday will suit their needs and tastes. Some holidaymakers might prefer a more personal experience while others will want the range of activities offered by a mega cruise.

One reddit user ‘MasterSaturday’ said they had been on a holiday on a smaller cruise boat a few years ago.

They said: “After I finished exploring the ship, there wasn’t a ton for me to do. Will a larger ship have more things to offer?”

One cruise expert advised them to consider what they want to get out of their cruise holiday.

They said: “An extra large ship offers more restaurant choices and is more stable in rough waters.”

A wide range of food outlets is important to many guests as it will give them the chance to sample different cuisines.

Generally, passengers will be able to feel the sea’s movement more on a smaller ship. That means that a larger cruise ship is a good idea for guests who suffer from seasickness.

However, even mega cruise liners can be rocked if the sea is particularly rough so it’s always important to pack seasickness medicine.

One user said: “Do you like to watch Broadway shows and performances? Do you like acrobatic shows? I love shows.”

A larger cruise ship is likely to attract more famous shows and performers than a small vessel.

Guests who want incredible nightly entertainment might prefer a large ocean liner with better performance options.

Although there are a lot of positives to booking a mega cruise, some commenters said it wasn’t for everyone.

One said: “(Big cruises) will be skipping some of the good smaller ports as they are too big for bridges or shallow waters.”

Mega ships will be unable to dock at smaller ports as some destinations simply don’t have the room.

This is likely to become a bigger problem in future as a few cities such as Palma and Venice introduce stricter measures on cruise ships, including bans on mega vessels.

The Reddit user added: “Debarkation can be a nightmare with the number of people.” They said a fire drill once ruined half a day on land.

Ships carrying thousands of passengers are likely to take a lot longer to disembark. This means guests could have their time on land cut short.

Another user said they had previously sailed on one of the world’s largest cruise ships. They said: “Nice ship, but a lot of wasted space.”

The user said that the pool used for aquatic shows sat empty for most of the day which they thought was a waste.

One Redditor said they would always opt for a smaller cruise ship. They said: “I like a small intimate experience where the crew get to know you and your preferences.”

Smaller ships will give guests the chance to get to know each other and bond with the boat’s crew.

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