Clients Showing Increased Interest in Private Jet Travel

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant spike in interest in private aviation.

Private jet charter provider PrivateFly recently reported an 85 percent rise in enquiries from new and existing travel trade partners—including consortiums such as Virtuoso and Advantage Travel and direct agency and concierge services like Black Tomato and Ten Group—on behalf of their clients over the past two weeks compared to the same time last year.

“With travel restrictions easing in much of Europe from June 15, we are very busy indeed with enquiries from travel agents, concierges and yacht brokers,” Hannah Needs, PrivateFly’s Head of Partnerships, said in a statement. “They are telling us their clients are desperate to get away but are reluctant to fly on airlines until the risk of COVID-19 has reduced significantly—particularly those with families, or those who are older or in higher-risk groups.”

“Agents are increasingly looking at private aviation as a solution, so holidays can go ahead safely and with peace of mind.”

PrivateFly’s prices range from about £6,500 ($8,315) for a one-way trip on a six-seater light jet such as a Nextant 400XTi for a short trip from London to Nice to as much as £18,500 ($23,670) for a 13-seat Legacy 600 for a trip from London to Ibiza.

Nonetheless, PrivateFly is seeing interest from new sources.

“We work mainly with travel companies serving the luxury and corporate segments, but recent enquiries are also coming from those who haven’t booked private jets before and are now keen to offer this. What’s more, with airline commission rates declining in recent years, it’s also an attractive revenue opportunity at a challenging time,” added Needs. “We’re predicting a growing proportion of our flights to be referred by travel partners in the months ahead. With travel now a more complex consideration for many people, the role of the travel agent as a trusted adviser has never been more important.”

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