Carnival Cruise Line will OK Covid self-tests for unvaccinated guests: Travel Weekly

Carnival Cruise Line will allow unvaccinated guests to self-test themselves for Covid-19 on most cruises beginning Sept. 6.

The move is the latest to loosen the reins on pandemic-era testing and
vaccination policies. This month, Carnival and other cruise lines
announced they would drop their vaccination and precruise testing
requirement for vaccinated guests. Those changes also kick in Sept. 6.

On cruises of 15 nights or less, Carnival will accept self-tests or lab-administered tests from unvaccinated guests. The exceptions are cruises that call in Bermuda, Canada, Greece and Spain, which require tests to be supervised by a medical professional.

Guests will be required to present their negative test results via VeriFly or as a part of the embarkation process, regardless of which type of test they have taken.

The cruise line is no longer requiring unvaccinated guests to carry travel insurance unless required by the destination. However, travel insurance is required for all guests calling in Fiji and for unvaccinated guests calling in Bermuda.

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