Avoya to introduce an air booking platform: Travel Weekly

Avoya Travel is developing an air booking platform, colloquially calling the endeavor “Project Eagle.”

Avoya traditionally has focused on booking the cruise, hotel and and tour portions of vacations, calling the GDS technology for booking air “antiquated.” The host agency said it has “wrestled with finding the most efficient and lucrative way for its network to sell air within the Avoya platform.” 

Project Eagle will give the host agency the ability to create complete vacation packages.

“Avoya’s long-term goal is for its book of business to be representative of the product mix that makes up the leisure travel industry as a whole, with airfare being a vital component to nearly all vacation types,” Avoya said.  

Avoya plans to launch an air desk in tandem with the air booking platform. 

The air booking platform and access to the air desk will be integrated into Agent Power, Avoya’s patented software solution for independent agents. 

Avoya plans to launch the beta version of Project Eagle in the fourth quarter of this year.

More details about Project Eagle are expected to be unveiled during Avoya’s conference in November on the Celebrity Beyond.

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