Allianz unveils new travel agency website

Allianz Partners USA has launched a new website for travel agencies that details its products, services and technology. 

The site is designed to give travel advisors information about Allianz’s selling tools, including booking platform AgentMax, access to updated product materials and marketing campaigns, and a toolkit with information on epidemic coverage enhancements.

Allianz also has rolled out a website for e-commerce partners, including event ticket providers. That site details things like Allianz’s test-and-learn optimization platform and machine learning quotation.

“We’re grateful to our clients and customers for their trust and support, and we’re proud to launch two new websites demonstrating how the Allianz advantage can help position our partners’ businesses for post-pandemic success,” said Begench Atayev, head of product management and innovation at Allianz Partners USA.

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